See how we made this brand tap into paid advertising

Kjeldgaards, a newly founded Danish skincare brand, was established in 2023. While the brand initially relied heavily on one of the founders’ personal brand for sales, there was a need to explore alternative marketing strategies as their efforts through other channels such as Google Ads were unfruitful.

Campaign objectives:

Transition from reliance on the cofounders' personal brand, while working towards turning Meta into a profitable acquisition channel

Establish essential tracking systems for effective monitoring and analysis of marketing campaigns

Our approach

Conduct In-Depth Market Research: Internally, the biggest challenge was studying a complete new market. Our experience made us realize a generic campaign will fail and that the key was in depth research about the consumer and the competitive landscape specifically in Denmark. 

Create, test, track: New products in new channels beg for a wide variety of tests. In the very first days, we tested 5 angles with a total of 65 creative assets and tracked the results in order to make a recommendation to our client.


2,5 ROAS in the first month

A second acquisition channel

Clarity for the founders on how to go beyond reliance on a personal brand

Curiosity killed the cat, not the business

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