Our promotional campaign for Rey Theme

Rey Theme, is an e-commerce-focused website theme, which faced the hurdle of establishing its product in a competitive digital market. The goal was to showcase its user-friendly, cost-effective theme to a broader e-commerce audience.

Campaign objectives:

Aimed to increase daily sales by highlighting Rey Theme's ease of use, constant updates, and comprehensive features

Focus on creating engaging user-generated content (UGC) videos to highlight product benefits

Our approach

In-Depth Research: Conducted thorough product, audience, and competitive research to inform the campaign strategy.

Creative Development: Produced 8 unique creatives, focusing on engaging UGC videos that address potential customers’ pain points.

Targeted Campaigns: Launched Meta ads focusing on the advantages of Rey Theme for both e-commerce owners and freelancers.


Increased daily sales from 2-4 to 10 within 7 days.

Achieved a Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of 6x.

Engaging video content led to a significant boost in customer interest and conversions.

Curiosity killed the cat, not the business

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