Our approach to advertise custom quartz surfaces

Adstone, a Romanian company specializing in kitchen, bathroom, and living room quartz surfaces, faced the challenge of diversifying their lead acquisition channels. Therefore, they wanted to pursue advertising on Meta platforms.

Campaign objectives:

Test campaigns via Facebook Messenger and direct phone calls

Generate leads through a new channel

Our approach

Product Research:  Identified 5 unique benefits of quartz over granite, marble, or laminated wood.

Market Research: Discovered the audience’s pain points, objectives and desires, so we leveraged the benefits of quartz to solve them. To give an example, Quartz is an uniform material, so it doesn’t need constant sealing. Most people don’t know how to seal their countertops, thus spending money on handymen.

Rigorous Testing: Utilized various advertising angles, hooks, sales copy and videos with and without voice-overs, to highlight the superiority of quartz and achieve cost-effective customer outreach. In the span of 1 month, we created 15 static ads, and 6 videos to test.


Cost per lead of 4 euros

Increase in customer interactions

Found the most effective sales channel to be via phone call

Curiosity killed the cat, not the business

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