Marketing pre-bachelor art courses in Amsterdam

AMCS Foundation, an art foundation offering pre-bachelor art courses, events and webinars, faced the challenge of attracting future students to their courses in Amsterdam. The immediate goal was to bring 18-20-year-old students to their free webinars, and later target them for paid events and the pre-bachelor art course.

Campaign objectives:

Define an ideal Customer Persona together with the client and target that through Meta Ads.

Leverage an improved value proposition to create static and video creatives for both targeting and re-targeting campaigns.

Researching the competitive environment and A/B testing 2 new event ideas, apart from AMCS’s existing offering.

Our approach

In-Depth Research: Identified the foundation’s 3 unique benefits and the USP and linked them to the interests and preferences of the target student demographic.

Creating the Ads: Developed 15 creatives, testing 4 angles carefully aligned with AMCS’s branding to attract prospects to the webinar.

Retargeting: Started re-targeting campaigns aimed at the audience that interacted with the free webinar campaign, to boost sign-ups for the central, paid event.


Attracted over 100 registrations for the free webinars

Generated an average of 15 attendants for the paid events

Set up the pipeline for prospects to enroll in the high ticket pre-bachelor program

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