How we got a 3,5 ROAS for Leizu Secret

Looking for new opportunities, Leizu Secret—a French brand with one hero product, natural silk pillowcases—turned its gaze to the promising Romanian market.  Gathering reliable data about the industry landscape, competition, and differneces in consumer behavior was instrumental in shaping Leizu Secret’s successful expansion journey.  

Campaign objectives:

Find the sweetspot in the mind of new consumers in a new market

Adapt French branding and marketing strategies to resonate with Romanian cultural and consumer nuances.

Obtain a 3+ campaign-wide ROAS  and scale spend

Our approach

Leveraging Local Expertise: Our approach was anchored in 2 core strengths: clear testing structure and comprehensive research. After studying the current consumers of the brand, possible objections and great selling points, the team set in place a strong flow of creative tests and clear structure in the ad account.

Testing fast is what enabled us to quickly find the right messages for the new audience and identify winner creative concepts.


ROAS up to 3,5 from 2,7

A sudden out of stock on their top performer product (really, we had to struggle for some days before stock arrived)

Decreased in CPA of 21%

100% less headaches coming from "what ads shall we produce next?"

Curiosity killed the cat, not the business

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