See how we more than doubled ROAS for Climbers' Gift

Climber’s Gift, a UK-based E-commerce brand, specializes in climbing and bouldering equipment, along with climbing-themed home decor and various accessories. The company struggled with self-managed advertising, leading to low ROAS (1.02) and high CPA (£40).

Campaign objectives:

Aim to uncover effective advertising approaches, along with new angles and creative ideas.

Establish a testing system for evaluating advertising effectiveness

Our approach

Research and creative development: Conducted research to identify 8 unique benefits of products, aligning with customer needs.

Audience analysis: Analyzed the customer avatar, identifying 5 key problems faced by the target audience that our products could solve.

Testing and refining: Produced diverse creatives, testing various angles and refining targeting based on audience behavior and preferences.


Achieved a ROAS of 2.65, more than doubling the initial rate.

Reduced CPA to £16.29, less than half of the prior figure.

Discovered winner angles for ads in this niche

Curiosity killed the cat, not the business

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