Local lead generation for Dorna Medical Iasi

Dorna Medical, a private clinic nestled in the heart of Romania, was battling for visibility against bigger competitors. The realization that their advertising efforts were falling short prompted them to seek a complete reevaluation and enhancement of their digital advertising strategy, beginning with an in-depth ads audit to pinpoint areas for improvement.

Following the results of our audit, Dorna Medical embarked on a dual-platform advertising journey, utilizing both of our Google Ads and Meta ads services.


Refine advertising to significantly cut the cost per lead.

Generate targeted appointments for key medical specializations.

Shield brand visibility against competitor strategies.

Boost engagement across call center, messages, and website interactions.

Our Approach


Campaign Architecture: Employed SKAGs for precise control and exact match keywords coupled with Manual CPC to dominate search results for core services like Imagistics and Paediatrics, later transitioning to Maximize Conversions strategy for efficiency.

Audience and Remarketing: Developed a rich remarketing audience profile through ad interactions and organic engagement, employing Target CPA and Enhanced CPC for segments with higher conversion potential.


Strategic Restructuring: Overhauled the ad account for clarity and targeted campaigning, leading to better algorithm optimization and cost-effective leads.

Creative Revitalization: Directed efforts towards innovative concepts that resonate with the audience, utilizing data-driven insights to constantly refine the approach.


Success on Google Ads: The integration of a ‘Call Now’ extension significantly streamlined the conversion process, accounting for 40% of campaign conversions. This, alongside other optimizations, led to a 24% increase in phone calls, a 10.5% increase in messages, and a 73% surge in web form completions.

Meta Ads Transformation: The average cost per lead dramatically decreased by 79.6%, demonstrating the efficacy of the revamped advertising approach in reducing expenditure while maximizing results.

Daily calls to the clinic’s call center surged by 44%

Messages on Meta asking for appintments rose by 22%

Website form submissions saw a remarkable 97% increase

Curiosity killed the cat, not the business

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