How Snap Pro AV got leads for 26% cheaper than expected

Snappro AV, a Home Technology brand, struggled to make an impact on social media with minimum success, while also investing efforts in meta-advertising, yielding low conversion due to standard designs and non-engaging copy. Their goal was to leverage paid advertising to generate leads for their high-ticket Home Cinema and Home Security services.

Campaign objectives:

Aim for a cost per lead of $15 or lower

Generate over 25 leads in the first month

Test campaigns on Instagram Direct Message and Facebook Direct Message to gauge platform success

Our approach

Creative Development: Produced 20 creatives in the first month, including 10 videos and 10 static images, focusing on product uniqueness and audience engagement

Comprehensive Researchs: Conducted in-depth analysis using social media insights, Google, Ads Library, and the brand’s website to understand the audience, product USP, and competitive landscape.

Audience Segmentation:  Developed two distinct audience profiles for targeted campaigning.

Optimization:  Implemented constant A/B testing on hooks, headlines, and ad creatives to reduce the cost per lead from a previous high of $60


Achieved an average cost per result of $11 across the campaign

Identified Facebook Messenger as the most effective platform, generating the majority of leads

Surpassed the initial goal by securing 30 qualified leads in the first month, which advanced further down the sales funnel by scheduling calls with Snappro

Curiosity killed the cat, not the business

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